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 A Brief Synopsis of What We Do

Ned Pelger, a registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania, owns and operates Pelger Engineering and Construction, Inc. Pelger founded the firm in 1996 to provide the highest quality Construction Management services to a select group of clients. By utilizing his 20 years of design and construction experience, including many hands on projects, Pelger brings an unusually high level of technical expertise to the project management of a building project.

Most building projects involve an extremely large outlay of funds. Most Owners worry that they will obtain the absolute best value for their investment. Simply stated, none of us like being taken advantage of and a major building project is a great opportunity to learn things the hard way. Pelger strives to clarify and simplify the process for the Owner. For that reason, past clients of Ned Pelger rave about the service they received during the design and building process. Working with Pelger Engineering and Construction, Inc. is like having an "Industry Expert" on your staff for the duration of the building project.

Pelger routinely completes projects at 10% to 30% less than normal costs by focusing intensely on design constructability, clarifying bid requests and excellent contractor relationships. By acting with the highest level integrity through each step of the process, Pelger instills confidence in all the stakeholders of a building project.

In the long run, the true secret to success in obtaining great values in building construction involves fanatical technical expertise combined with absolute integrity. This combination becomes the main goal of Ned Pelger as a project moves through its various stages. If you are considering a facility expansion, call Ned Pelger to discuss the best options to move forward. If you take the time to talk to any of his past clients, you will begin to see the value of having "Industry Expert" on your team.


 Pelger Engineering & Construction, Inc.

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