Joyful Living:  Build Yourself a Great Life! 



A powerful new book and free software to help you:

  • Lose that overwhelming sense of busyness

  • Improve your most valued relationships

  • Increase your emotional intelligence

  • Discover the highest and best use for your life

  • Gain empathy for yourself and others

  • Make better life decisions


Are you willing to consider the possibilities?

You have a choice. Most people who desire more joy in their life stop at the thought of it. They don’t want any changes, even if the changes would improve their life. For most people, the comfortable wins out over the best every time. They won't consider the possibilities. Will you at least consider the possibility of improving your life?

Suppose you…

    1. truly enjoy the work you do
    2. have loving, supportive relationships with family
    3. feel serene
    4. accomplish those things you dream of

I'm not asking if you think this best case scenario is possible. I'm not asking if you think you deserve it. I am asking if you can even consider the possibility. If you can’t; if you can not under any circumstances imagine living your life with joy, then you should stop here.

If, on the other hand, you can conceive of a better life, why not make a choice to try and obtain it? For an investment of a few minutes a day, I can lead you through a program that will give you a much deeper understanding of your life. There are no gimmicks here or quick fixes, just a practical process to help lead you to more joy.

And please, don't be intimidated. Don't quit before you start. If you truly want more joy, you'll succeed. It's as simple as that. Your educational background doesn't matter. The main requirement is your willingness to be truthful about your own life. We can all do that, if we set our minds to it.


Take a peek at the specifics...

So far, I've been long on promises of benefits and short on specifics. Allow me to share a few of the specific exercises. Childhood experiences play an important role in our lives, yet we rarely understand their significance. In fact, some childhood memories sabotage us every day. We recall and catalog childhood memories in this process. Examining those memories produces better understanding of our current lives.  

Our ancestors provide another source of input in our lives. Suppose you have consistent stomach pain and go to a doctor to find the problem. A good doctor would investigate your family history. Do your parents or grandparents have any similar conditions? If you discover a trend of similar discomforts in your heritage, you have uncovered a valuable clue for diagnosis.

This course helps you chart characteristics of your family tree back four generations. By considering a certain area of your life, you may see the effect your ancestors had upon you. Some truths about your life may become apparent that previously were vague.

We find greater satisfaction in our lives as we understand truth. Most of us, if we grasp the truth in a situation, will act in our own best interests. The reason so many people act in self-destructive ways is because of the lies they believe. If you understand the truth in your life, you will make good decisions that increase your joy and give you purpose.

How can this abstract knowledge help your life get better? You develop a plan to use your new understanding to improve relationships. When you improve the most important relationships in your life, everything seems better! 

I have included another twist to this course--several stories written by Leo Tolstoy. These stories are beautiful, moving and motivational. I have a tear or two run down my face every time I read the stories because of the emotional power and truth conveyed. You can imagine my difficulty editing those stories when I cried every time I read them.


Some immediate benefits…

Immediate benefits in relationships make this course so powerful. Many times we start on self-improvement projects only to quit when the aggravation becomes greater than the perceived benefits. But, when we improve our important relationships, we joyfully experience the benefits of our changed behavior. Furthermore, when our changes are based on concepts we understand, we are likely to persevere in the effort. Hence our increased joy grows and motivates us.

This course becomes a continuing process to examine and change our lives,  not a one time self-improvement program. Year after year, we experience the benefits of this pursuit of truth. Year after year, we grow in understanding and in joy. Year after year, we smile more and worry less.

Perhaps, at this point, you want to try the course, yet can't imagine where you'll find the time. Like most people these days, you're busier than you ever imagined you could be. You feel the stress from all the demands in your life. I offer no simple and easy answers here: if there were simple and easy answers, you would have already acted on them. But we both know that15 to 20 minutes a day is not a huge amount of time. I have never known a person who could not find those extra minutes if they sincerely wanted to.

I believe the more significant question does not involve time, but your own expectations. If you believe, deep in your heart, that nothing in your life will change anyway, then you'll not take the time to begin. If, on the other hand, you entertain the possibility that your life could be dramatically better, you will find the time!


What it takes to start…

If you choose to proceed with this course, you'll find it interesting and funny. I use simple language and simple ideas. Einstein once said, "Anyone who understands their work should be able to explain it to a five-year old." Now I'm no Einstein, but you're not a five-year old either! By utilizing plenty of examples from my own life, I keep the assignments practical and down-to-earth and show the humor that life throws at us.

The worksheet-based course quizzes you about your life. The stimulating questions have answers only known by you. You become an active participant. As you complete the worksheets, you'll observe trends and discover clues for the improvement of your life. The worksheet process provides a rewarding sense of accomplishment which motivates you to continue.

It takes courage to embark on this path. We all fear finding that the situations in our lives are hopeless. We'd rather plod on in ignorance than have no hope. Please understand, your situation is not hopeless! I know you can positively affect your situation by the choices you make. My own experience and that of many loved ones have proved this to me.

If you're willing to put forth the effort, you will find the rich rewards of joy. You'll be amazed how your relationships improve. You'll build a solid foundation of understanding that provides tremendous power and resiliency in good times and bad. If you proceed with this process, you will never regret it!!!

Why not browse a bit? Have a look a the text, either online or download it, and see what you think. If you like what you see, you can either continue to read that version or email me for a final copy of the book in a more reader friendly 6" x 9" format. I'll send you the book and an invoice for $12.95 US plus sales tax for Pennsylvania residents and $2.00 shipping and handling. You can also download, at no cost, the blank worksheets and various application programs I've written on this website.


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